Console portatile Go Retro ! (Multi-Piattaforma)
  • Console portatile Go Retro ! (Multi-Piattaforma)
  • Console portatile Go Retro ! (Multi-Piattaforma)
  • Console portatile Go Retro ! (Multi-Piattaforma)

Console portatile Go Retro

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Console portatile Go Retro ! (Multi-Piattaforma)

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Console portatile Go Retro! (Multi-Piattaforma)

Oltre 260 retro game classici della Capcom® e  Data East®

• Fino a 10 ore di gioco non stop

• Alimentazione con 4 AAA batteries** o cavo Micro-USB® **

• Schermo da 2.8"

• Controllo volume e ingresso cuffie da 3.5 mm 

• Interfaccia utente semplice e intuitiva.


Lista Giochi:

8 Eyes, 1942, 1943: The Battle of Midway, Bad Dudes, Bad Street Brawler, Bionic Commando, Buggy Popper, Burger Time, Code Name: Viper, Commando, Dark Lord, Dash Galaxy, Exed Exes, Gargoyle Quest 2, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Gun.Smoke, Higemaru, Legendary Wings, Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mighty Final Fight, Motor City Patrol, Mutant Virus, Nightshade, Noah's Ark, Power Punch 2, Pyramids of Ra, Rescue the Embassy Mission, Section, Side Pocket, Son Son, Street Fighter, Strider NES, Target Renegade, Tetris, Thunderbolt 2, Treasure Master, Trojan


Giochi Extra:

100m Dash, 110m Hurdles, 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud, Abscondee, Aether Cruiser, Aether Mission, Aim Cruise, Aerial Warfare, Aerial Hero, Aerial Hero 2, Animal Contest, Animal Blockers, Aquarium, Archery, Arena, Autoboat RACE, Baccarat, Backgammon, Backstroke, Balloon Shoot, Baseball, Bigsix, Blackjack, Blobman, Blocks World, Bomb_Time, Breast Stroke, Brother Ball, Bug Catcher, Burbles, Burrow Explorer, Butterfly Swim, Candy Workshop, Cannonade, Caribbean, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Circle Racing, Close Quarters, Coast Guard, Contest, Cookies Laybrinth, Craps, Crazy Eights, Cub Adventure, DangerBridge, Dark Castle, Deerstalking, Defensive, Deformable, Dejectile, Deuces Wild Video Poker, Devildom Doom, Diamond, Difference, Discus Put, Dominoes, Dragon_Den, Dringle, Dune War, Eating, Eggs, Escapeway, Extreme Rally, Fated Pirate, Final Blood, Fishing, Fishing Tourament, Fish Story, Five Days, FlingBall, Football, ForestKid, Forest Adventure, Frantic Fishing, Frantic Mouse, Freecell, Freestyle, Frontline Gallop, Fruit, Fruit dish, Fruit gift, Gallagant, Gate, Gem, Ghost Castle, Gin Rummy, Goal Keeper, Goblet Tower, Golden Bird, Gorodki, Go Fish, GREEDY, Hallihoo, Hammer&Nail, Hang Man, HappyMatch, Happy_Biqi, Hearts, Hexapod War, HighwayRider, High card, High Jump, Ice_Hockey, Ice Ocean, IQ Champion, Island, Javelin, Jumping Kid, Jump Jump, Justice, Keno, Lan Master, Lawn Mower, Lightning, Little Mask, Little Lancelot The Europe, Little Witch, Long Jump, Lucky_Time, Lunarian, Lunation, Mad Xmas, Magic Egg, Magic Jony, Mahjong, Man in Red, Meccano, Metro Mania, Mirror_Devil_Word, Monster_War, MouseHero, Mouse Snare, Move Box, Mowing, Octopus, Old maid, Orchard, Paigow Poker, Panda, Panzer Attack, Penguin, Pet Dog, PILLAR, Pindable, Pobble, Polar Bat, Police Dog Lasy, Police VS Thief, Polk, PongPong, Pow 2, Power Robot, Primitive Man, Primitive Woman, Pulveration, Puzzle, P.K., Questforge RC2, RabbitVillage, Racing Fighter, RedDog, Reversi, Richer, Road_Hero, Road Worker, Rocketman, Roulette, RUDDER, RuralGoblin, Seamaid, Seaport, Guarl, Season Garden, SeaWolf, Seething, Shoot, Shot Put, Shrew Mouse, SkyWing, Sky Dreamer, Slapjack, Slot, Snack Dominose, Snaffo, Snakky, Sniper, Snowball, Sodoku, Solitaire, Space Base, Spades, Speed Challenge, Spring World, Star, Story Box, Submarine, Super Hero, Super Tennis, Surfer Sports, Table Tennis, Tactful, Texas Hold'em, The Archer, The Hacker, ThroughMan, Toad in the Hole, Tower, Toy Factory, Triple Jump, Twin Cards, Twin fish, UnderSea Arena, Utmost Warfare, Vangvard, Video Poker, Vigilant, Volly Ball, Warrior, WarZone, Water Pipe, WildWorm, Wonder Rabbit, Zoom, Zooming Secretary.

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